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We are working on bringing to you instructions on all of the

great tools and features of the website, so check back often!!



Getting Started:

Note your username on this new site is the same as your username on our old site, but we have uploaded the same default password for everyone (lgashrm2014), you will NOT be prompted to reset your password, so proceed to edit your profile and change password to something more secure that you will remember.



Q: Are usernames case sensitive?

A: Usernames are not case sensitive. 



Q: What are the username minimum requirements?

A: Usernames must be between 4 and 255 characters. Each username must be unique and may have special characters (ex: johns_123,


NOTE: When you are creating or updating usernames you may notice it convert it to lower case letters. This is normal behavior and should be expected.



Q: Why can I not add a particular username?

A: Usernames are always unique. If the username is being used by another member, it is not possible for another member to use it for their account. Also, if the member that uses the username is in the delete queue, it will not be able to be given to another member until the previous owner is purged from the delete queue and removed from the site entirely.

Q: How does a member reset their password?

A: A member can easily reset their password by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password" link beneath the sign-in box. This will automatically generate and send an email to the address listed within the member’s profile, containing directions on how to reset their password.



Q: Are passwords case sensitive?




Q: Why does my screen look funny?

A; Make sure that your page view is set to 100%.  If zoom is greater than or less than this, it could affect the layout and other details on our site on your screen. Please email: if you are still having continued difficulty. 



Q: Why is the site, page(s) or other information not reloading with newer updated content?

A: Clear your cache in your browser, close browser, then reload the page, this should fix this problem.  Also, due to web browser software constantly updating, screen configurations/website layout could also be affected by incompatibility with latest versions of these internet browsers.  Try using a different browser for viewing our website if you continue to have site viewing issues.  Please email: if you are still having continued difficulty. 



NOTE: Upon logging in to the site for the first time, you will NOT be asked to change your password, so please go immediately to your profile and update your “preferences” and "access" information so you can receive most appropriate communications from the system.  After setting your preferences, we encourage you to spend some time and completely fill out your profile.  You can do this from a page entitled “Manage Profile” by clicking on the "Edit Bio" icon. 
Please be sure to check in and update your profile often and update outdated info!



Online Tools



Q: Can members "Opt-Out" of emailings?

A: Members will be able to "Opt-Out" of receiving regular emails sent from the bulk email system. A new menu item will appear called "Email Preference" in the "My Profile Options" section on the frontend of the site.  Users should understand that should they decide to "Opt-Out" they will still receive certain types of email such as: donation "Thank You" emails, store order confirmations, and any email sent directly to them from another site member.

Q: What is the Member Rewards program?

A: The Member Rewards program is a savings program that leverages the buying power behind our hundreds of thousands of members across our client base. The Member Rewards feature is a private web portal that your members can access to browse THOUSANDS of discounts and offers from popular national – and local – vendors… like AMC Theatres, Ford, Macy’s, Target and many MANY more.  (Members must login to your website before accessing their member rewards.)



Q: How long can members stay logged into the system?

A: Members will remain logged into the system for 14 days. Please note, this is based on a cookie, therefore if cookies are cleared, the member will need to sign in again upon the next site visit.



Q: What is the difference between a Blog and a Forum?

A; Blogs and Forums have the same purpose, to promote communication between members. However, the order and structure of communication is different between the two. Forums are good for ongoing discussions. By default, the latest post will be moved automatically to the top of the list within a forum. However this can be changed to sort by most recent forum topic. Replies within a forum topic are sorted chronologically so the most recent reply always appears at the bottom. Forums also allow for internal quoting and the member's headshot photo is displayed in their forum posts.

Blogs, on the other hand, are always organized so that the latest post is at the top of the page, regardless of the addition of comments. Blogs do not pull member headshot images, but do link to the posting member's profile. Blogs also tend to be more anecdotal in tone whereas forums tend to be professional, but they don't necessarily have to be.

Both blogs and forums utilize a rich text format, so photos, hyperlinks and videos can be embedded. Both provide email subscription capabilities. You can subscribe to a blog and be notified via email when a new post or comment is added. Within forums, you can subscribe to a forum digest that will send a single email containing all recent forum activity. If a member wants to be alerted immediately about forum activity, they can subscribe to a specific forum or to a specific topic to learn about new replies that were just posted. 


Q: What are announcements and stickies in a Forum?

A: An announcement is a way to make a post "stand out" in the forum. Announcements appear at the top of the forum's topic list. Only admins or group administrators can add announcements, so think of this as a highlighted post to the readers of the forum.  A sticky is essentially the same thing as a post, but has "staying" power. When you make a post "sticky" it stays at the top of the forum's topic list. A sticky will always appear below an announcement, but above a post.



Q: How many posts can be displayed on a page within a forum?

A maximum of twenty-five (25) posts will appear on a single forum page.



Q: How can members create their own groups?

A: Members must request to have a group created by a site administrator. Add a menu link to a customized contact form where members can request to have a group added. Create a simple form that just requires a group name or include many of the same questions that are asked when creating a group. This method of group creation will prevent duplicate groups, prevent segmenting members and retain your site's branding. 


Q: What is the NOW Feed?

A: It is similar to Twitter functionality, but only available through our websites to our users.



Q: Does the Now! Feed support @ replies, # hash tags, D directives?

A: There are no specific functions within our "Now!" feed related to the characters described. The "Now!" Feed is intended for you to create your own "Twitter like" feed to market to your members. Members cannot generate their own feeds, but can follow your "Now!" Feed to receive updates on new submissions to this feed.



Q: What is the Career Center?

A: Our site contains TWO Career Centers, from which job openings and resumes can be posted and searched. The Career Center includes several features, which include the ability for members to post searchable resumes within their profile, the ability to post job openings, and the ability to search and apply to job openings and upload your resume/CV.  Make sure you are logged in for accurate pricing!!

Q: What happens once I submit a job in the LGASHRM Career Center?
A: Once your job is submitted, you will need to edit it to make it “live”. Once it is posted as an active job, it will be accessible by anyone logged in searching the jobs page.  You can edit your job posting through hyperlink in the confirmation email you received or under "manage your profile" section. You may also access by going back to the LGASHRM Career Center and clicking on the red font with hyperlink.



Q: How long does it take for my LGASHRM membership to start?
A: If you submitted your membership information online, and set up your online profile, once the VP of Membership approves your information, you should immediate access to our website and all of its features. If you have joined LGASHRM by returning a physical mailing form, you will receive a welcome e-mail once your membership is received and processed. From this e-mail you will receive instructions on how to create your online account that will give you universal access to




As we move forward with the online community, we will be launching some new exciting features, and we will be sending out announcements as those features become available!


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